African Elephant Knot Bracelet - 2 Knot Thick/Bulky BLACK Color Metal made in Zimbabwe ships from USA.

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Product Features

Made of quality Thick/Bulky BLACK aluminum by hand in Zimbabwe
New for 2021, v1 Bracelets use more wire strands
No elephants were hurt in creating these - eco friendly bracelets.
Opens to approximately 3.5/4 inches in diameter by pulling the knots away from each other
Elephant hair bracelets are known for bringing good luck to those that wear them and for bringing ones spirit back in touch with nature.
Gift boxed, makes a perfect gift!
Wear two or three together at once for a unique look.

Product Description

My newest design E Bracelet in 2 knot Thick/Bulky BLACK Aluminum.
One size fits all.
Handcrafted in Zimbabwe where I recently returned from. The knots expand away from each other to open and fasten together in the opposite direction.
Includes the story of the E. Bracelets history of good luck.