23 Key Misheck Maramba Mbira Thumb Piano Kalimba Handmade in Zim

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Hand made Nhare tuned from Zimbabwe by Misheck Maramba
Mukwa Hardwood oiled finish, bolted construction.
This would make an exceptional gift for a music lover.
Just a few of Mishecks mbiras are available
All mbiras are shipped out quickly via USPS priority mail and arrive in just a few days within the US.

I recently returned from Zimbabwe where I had a chance to meet with some exceptional mbira makers who produced a short performance which was fabulous. Hand made from a block of carefully selected wood which is stained and sun dried prior to making the mbira so as not to interfere with the instruments acoustics. It has 24 metal keys and has a particularly great tone to it with decent sustain. When each key is made they use a master mbira to adjust each key to sound the same as that master mbiras keys ensuring it is tuned correctly. This is the primary instrument of the Shona Zezuru people of Zimbabwe and has been for hundreds of years where the instrument first originated.

In a typical mbira band performance there would be 4 mbira players, one playing bass, another playing rhythm, a sub rhythm player, a lead and finally a dancer! It is quite entrancing to hear the various sections played together by experienced players. Compare this to other mbiras online retailing for over $400. Made from the same shona mbira masters as those were but at a fraction of the price. Being born and raised in Zim I can assure you this is an authentic Zim-bira!

There are many links online showing one how to play the mbira. This could make a great gift. Thanks for looking.